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Writer • Visual Artist • Communications Strategist

Occasionally Onscreen

Jikka Defiño writes, designs, and presents.

As a writer, I specialize in long-form features on current events and pop culture. I also create communications strategies and advertising content for brands. On-screen, I host TV shopping shows and have appeared in a number of commercials and films. 

My experience spans management and creative roles in advertising and publishing—from end-to-end coordination of advertising and profiling campaigns, to writing and editing articles for some of the Philippines' top lifestyle publishers.



A compilation of nouns, verbs, and the stories they become.

I have written and edited for Meg, Candy, Esquire, and Cosmo.ph, among others.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Features & Listicles

My strongest assignments are about social issues, lifestyle tips, and profile features. I can also write about pop culture, fashion, relationships, and technology when given a thorough brief. I pitch stories that aim to inform, shake the table, and empower. Links to full articles will be available soon.

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 7.00.00 PM.png
Social / Culture
Why So Offended?

A millennial decoding the curious case of the "offended" millennial.

Written during the peak of DDS versus dilawan debacle in 2016, this piece examines why millennials are being blamed for the proliferation of propaganda, word wars, and offendedness on social media.

Social / Lifestyle
Self-Limiting Thoughts to Avoid

When I'm not feeling my best, I ask myself, 'What are you gonna do about it?'

Cosmopolitan wanted to test the readership of short quotes in listicles, so a collection of empowerment quotes from female celebrities seemed like the best way to try it.

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 7.55.19 PM.png
Profiling / Cover Story
Frankie Speaking

With a strong spirit and a penchant for the profound, she will surely be heard.

A play on "frankly speaking," this is Frankie Pangilinan's first magazine cover. Written in 2017, my editor initially wanted to go for a rising star angle, but that course changed after this article revealed Frankie's truth.

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 7.14.40 PM.png
Lifestyle / Culture
Recipe: The Self-Love Potion

Potions that make others fall in love? Pass! Drink to self-love with this chocolatey treat.

We wanted to empower single people by overtaking our elders' stories of gayuma and finding last minute Valentine's dates through a self-love themed chocolate martini recipe.

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 8.38.22 PM.png
Travel / Lifestyle
Misadventure Time

Travels aren't always smooth-sailing and these people know it.

This is a collection of real people's travel anecdotes—specifically their most memorable travel challenges and how these were solved. Travel tips (in the title's tone) are provided to give the readers some takeaway lessons.

Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 7.09.48 PM.png
Social / Culture
American Dream on Lockdown

Land of opportunity? Not when racist laws prevent you from arriving in the first place.

This article questions the outdated concepts of "the American Dream" and "USA, the land of the free" by highlighting Trump's racist travel bans on Muslim countries.

Native Advertising

Also called advertorials, native ads are client-sponsored articles that, unlike easily-ignored display ads, blend in with the publication which they appear on. These stories are created by matching the brand or product with a publication's top-performing topics found through Google Analytics. As a native editor, I created slants, assigned topics to writers, copyedited submissions, and published articles.



Travel / Fashion / Culture
9 IG-Worthy, Not-Your-Usual, Must-Try Tokyo Experiences: A 3-Day Itinerary

This battle plan maximizes your precious time—and #feedgoals content.



Food / Culture / Freebies
McDonald's Just Released The Cutest Pillows!

Embrace the nostalgia with these

Hello Kitty collectibles.



Beauty / Skincare
How To Shorten Your Nighttime Skincare Routine To 10 Minutes

Sometimes, you just need to make shortcuts when the bed calls.



Culture / Fashion / Tech
6 Tips to a Follow-Worthy Feed, Based on Laureen's IG

She knows how to work any kind of

lighting—even a lack thereof. 



Home / Lifestyle
The Surprising Benefits of Living Alone If You're Single in Your 30s

These might just be what you need to be convinced to make the big leap.



Lifestyle / Entertainment
What To Do, Buy, and Eat at Solaire This Month

Make this month the most festive

one yet.

Light and Shadow


Sometimes I make artworks that go with the stories.

I've designed websites and created collaterals for both print and digital consumption.

UX UI.png

Web Design

I design websites for desktop viewing and optimize them for mobile use. I prefer beginning with a single scrollable page to make adjusting for mobile responsiveness easier.

I currently implement designs using HTML and CSS on Wix and WordPress. I am currently working to improve my skills in JavaScript and PHP.

Featured: STAIL.PH's prototype (on desktop) and My Pope Philippines (on mobile)

Print Primers & Brochures

This brochure was designed to be given away to our organization's prospective members during Recruitment Week in 2014 as an introductory guide to our org structure and projects.

Instead of giving away booklet primers, I designed a one-page foldable primer printed back-to-back with bright colors, icons (with corresponding departments and a legend), and quizzes. If you look closely, you'll notice that parts of this brochure are upside down.
I imagined it's more interactive this way, and at the same time, cost-efficient.

projects primer.png

Advertising Campaigns

One of my first stints in the media industry was in advertising—managing creative communications for FMCG brands. Together with a team of creatives, we pitched stories and strategies to clients. Here are some of our most memorable projects:

Beautiful Stories

Pond's overhauls its branding by featuring stories of self-care and determination from the country's most popular women. Some of the faces fronting the campaign are Heart Evangelista, Toni Gonzaga, Kelly Misa, and Nadine Lustre. 


The intended message is to encourage everyone to take time to care for themselves to bring out their most beautiful selves.


By leveraging on the featured celebrities' fanbases, Pond's Philippines became the fastest-growing Pond's business

in the world in 2015.

Sinabon Mo Ngunit Kulang

Building on the success of the original TVC with Julia Montes, our team made an initiative pitch to Eskinol for an online campaign that involves audience participation to encourage brand recall.

Dubsmash was a popular app in 2015. Our team decided to upload a soundbite of the popular line "Sinabon Ko Naman! Ayaw Kuminis!" on Dubsmash, which users can dub to. When people started doing the "walling" action in videos, we held a weekly Dubsmash contest. The winning dub videos were included in an audience cut version of the TVC uploaded on Facebook.

great hair instawin.jpeg
Unilever - All Things Hair
Great Hair Instawin

Unilever's Great Hair Instawin is the first campaign I worked on end-to-end—from pitch, storyboard creation, pre-prod, casting, shoot, post-prod, ASC approval, and airing—as a management trainee in advertising. 

The campaign features Unilever Hair's raffle wherein participants get to win instant prizes by opening specially marked packs of hair products. Brands included in the campaign are Sunsilk, Dove, Clear, and Vaseline.

The goal was to pronounce the mechanics, visualize the brands, and convey a feeling of instant joy from winning.

Production Coordination

Aside from coordinating corporate campaigns, I also coordinate, strategize, and sometimes edit for profiling assignments and documentaries. I have coordinated the video production of moving magazine covers, fashion films, community profiling stories, and field work presentations.


Below, a profiling video for OpenStreetMap Philippines—a joint effort of the volunteers of the OSM PH community, M2Comms, and Amazon Web Services.

Film Set


Others write the story, I bring them to life with my emotions and gift of gab.

I've appeared in commercials, musicals, and emceed for Shopee, Jollibee Virtual Party, and Shop TV.


Height: 5'4"

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Black

BWH (inches): 36-26-36

Shoes: US 6


Dress: US 2-6

Build: Average

Jollibee (2018)
Jollibee (2018)

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Kuya J (2019)
Kuya J (2019)

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BPI-PhilAm (2019)
BPI-PhilAm (2019)

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Jollibee (2018)
Jollibee (2018)

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Bakit Ka Nag-Stay? (S02E01, 2019)
Bakit Ka Nag-Stay? (S02E01, 2019)

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Promotional edit for Titleholder (Film, 2020)
Promotional edit for Titleholder (Film, 2020)

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Sampung Mga Daliri Atbp. (Film, 2019)
Sampung Mga Daliri Atbp. (Film, 2019)

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Bakit Ka Nag-Stay? (S02E01, 2019)
Bakit Ka Nag-Stay? (S02E01, 2019)

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Shopee Live BeautyCam (2019)
Shopee Live BeautyCam (2019)

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ShopTV Live (2019)
ShopTV Live (2019)

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ShopTV (TV Cut, 2019)
ShopTV (TV Cut, 2019)

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Shopee Live BeautyCam (2019)
Shopee Live BeautyCam (2019)

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Abstract and figurative impasto paintings by Jikka Defiño.

Accepting commissions.

To view available pieces, visit my art Instagram: